Phil Legard
Book + CD

Cover: Hardcover, clothbound and silverfoiled / Interior of cover is covered with 250 gsm black paper.
Size:13 x 19 cm
Interior: 120 gsm natural ivory paper
ISBN: 978-605-4897-00-1
An edition of 500
Release date; All Hallows’ Eve, 2014

First 50 copies come with a numbered and signed Colophon Card.
All copies come with a Yew Pamphlet and Audio CD.

Music performed by Phil Legard, Layla Legard and and Briony Yorke
Mastered by Atay İlgün
Photography by Layla Legard

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-“There was a tradition in this parish that on All-Hallows’ Eve a Spirit announced from the altar the names of those who were doomed to die in the coming year. The Spirit was locally called Angelystor.

– Elias Owen, 1887

Estimated at 4,000 to 5,000 years old, the ancient yew in the churchyard of St. Digain, Llangernyw may be oldest living thing in the British Isles. It is strangely apt that such a long lived tree – immortal by comparison to our own lifespans – should grow next to a church reputed to be haunted by an ‘angel of death’, known in local folklore as Angelystor.

The text, music and graphic score contained herein bring together folklore, history and personal narrative to explore the auditory world of St. Digain’s churchyard, tracing a passage through the waking consciousness of daytime and into the ‘dark night’ of Angelystor.

“It is  one of the most beautiful pieces of music I own, and one of the things that speaks most strongly of both Britain and history to me.”
– Warren Ellis, author.

“His music is a full of simple organic beauty. He is a master of hiking out to an isolated location and just feeling his environment and translating into music.”

– Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis


Yew Invocation I (for Lovernios)
Yew Invocation II (for David Dunn)
Yew Invocation III (for Kim Cascone)
Yew Invocation IV (for Turlough Mills)