3 CD Art Edition

Handmade two panel hard-cover sleeve
Comes in five different paper enclosures
16pp hand-stiched booklet comprising all the poetry cards used in Regular Edition.
2 CDs-1 CD-R;
In Music We Are Still Together & Singing Hills & The Way We Hear Silence (by Ashberry and Friends)
Comes personally dedicated, numbered and signed by the artist on a card.
A phial of dried pennyroyal, mountain thyme and mint.
Protected in bio-degradeable bag.
Edition of 75

Price: ₤38.99 (+shipping / packaging)

Standard edition:
₤9.00 (+shipping / packaging)

To order, please send an email to atayilgun@gmail.com.

Ashberry’s ‘A VESSEL’ comprises the first two EPs Resin, Rathree and the un EP Rowan concluding the ‘R’ Trilogy.

This particular project has always been very special for Wounded Wolf Press, due to its influence on the nascence. It took shape in a devoted summer night while improvising music, paying homage to the old family instruments and visiting imaginary landscapes from an eyrie like studio in an attic and a garden.

Each EP is a summer fruit that is picked precisely when the birds start their first gathering and chirping which to be subsequently devoured by the human noises. Every output is embellished with various field recordings while all the takes are improvised.

Singing Hills is an interpretation of Ashberry’s vision by another Wounded Wolf Press artist, Asphodel. The turnout itself can be percieved as an entirely new and fresh body of work. Only available via the Regular and Art Editions of In Music We Are Still Together.

It contains two tracks that lasts over twenty minutes each; The Windflower’ and ‘Geosmin’. Windflower is a piece particularly inspired by the life-cycle of wildflowers observed and collected in Thrace. Sounds of trees, studied as the chimes of earth, shaken by strong gales conjure the essence of sound. Geosmin is a piece studying the metaphysics and aftermath of scents. On how they mark the river of time, how deeply one can experience what is felt through scents in the harvest of memories  through the echoes of the past.

The Way We Hear Silences is a bonus disc exclusive to the Art Edition composed of re-constructions by other artists and outtakes of In Music We Are Still Together. It holds a rather more personal value as it is how our friends interpret and expound the idea of Ashberry. Atay’s long time friend Marc, for instance, remixed the first track from Resin. Koray Kantarcıoğlu, a recently gained valuable friend and artist of the label, reworked a track from the second EP Rahtree. 

They two are friends since. And here he remixed the first track from that EP in the most sublime way, distilling every idealogical layer of Ashberry and reliving them throughout. As regarding the name and as described by himsel; “Czworolist” is the first part of the polish name for Paris quadrifolia, which in Danish used to be called Wolf’s berry many years ago. Koray Kantarcıoglu, a recently gained valuable friend and artist of the press reworked a track from second EP Rahtree and created the most haunting loops from them. Enis Cakar, a new and rising artist from Istanbul also re-interpreted a track for this, title inspired by thee highes hill from where he lives, Hodul. 

To my belief, this is the most precious collection of music ever released from Wounded Wolf Press.

Intented to be listened via speakers.


CD I;  In Music We Are Still Together
And They Came In The Form Of Rain
Can’t Say

As The Little Boy Slept In Mountain Night
Waves Wash Me Away, Birds Fly Me Away
And The Hole Forest Yearned For The Dying Elder Tree

Whirr Of A Mountain Range
Sea of Night
The Wind That Cried The Twilight

CD II;  Singing Hills
The Windflower

CD III; The Way We Hear Silences
A String Of Czworolist Rooms (Marc Hasselbalch)
Loop Studies I (Koray Kantarcioglu)
Hodul (Zeleia)
Loop Studies II (Koray Kantarcioglu)
Old Swallow (Alper Yıldırım)
And I Lost My Sense of Scale (Treefingers)
Waves (Ashberry)
Summer Snow (Ashberry)
Loop Studies III (Koray Kantarcioglu)
Loop Studies IV (Koray Kantarcioglu)
Loop Studies V (Koray Kantarcioglu)
 A Czworolist Chapel (Marc Hasselbalch)