Landscape Reverberates: Kaf paintings in sound

Murat Akagündüz’ exhibition Vertigo hosted a series of sound events, on 12 April and 10 May. Upon the invitation of Asli Seven and Murat Akagündüz, two musicians, Atay ilgün and Gökce Akçelik have composed experimental sound interpretations of Akagündüz’ Kaf series.

The public is invited to contemplate the paintings while listening to their acoustic manifestations, enhancing in sound the visually resonating effect of Akagunduz’ white-on-white depictionsof mountain peaks.

Atay İlgün performed a 40 minute experimental sound piece composed by using the scanned versions of the Kaf paintings on view at Arter.

Using the digital data obtained by the distribution of light and color on the surfaces of paintings, Atay Ilgün created yet another layer of digital mediation upon Akagündüz’ landscapes obtained through Google

Earth. The performance took place on 12 April at 7 pm at Arter and is conceived as a collective listening session inside the exhibition space.

[taken from Vertigo’s press release, written by aslı seven]