Koray Kantarcıoğlu
Cassette (C60)

Production details:

Comes in two different series;  WPE (Word Pad Effect) & RDI (Raw Data Interpretation).
Each series is composed of 5 artworks, covers come random with orders and the remaining 4 can be found inside the case.

Unique download code included.

Printed exterior O-Card

White Norelco, silkscreened yellow tape 

First pressing of Loopworks comes numbered and signed by the artist.

Mastered by Atay İlgün

An edition 100.

First pressing.
Date of publication: 8 October, 2016
(The World Cassette Store Day)

Price: ₤8.99 (+shipping / packaging)

To order, please send an email to atayilgun@gmail.com.

Loopworks brings together Koray Kantarcıoğlu’s work composed of samples taken from Turkish records pressed around 60’s and 70’s.

In accordance, the design for the album came from a similar idea. The album covers which provided the source were first converted into text in WPE and into audio files in RDI, then the images that were converted into text had their codes modified and the audio files were altered by adding effects such as echo and reverb.