Jeremy Clarke

Size:12.5 x 19 cm
Interior: 100 gsm natural ivory paper
ISBN: 978-605-4897-11-7
An edition of 1000
Date of publication: November 30, 2017

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All copies come with a bookmark
All wrapped in bio-degradeable bag

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“The cold remind of rain saying
out of all sleep
how to kneel in every word.”
– from Psalms in the Vulgar Tongue (ps.15)

In the lowly and the insignificant there is redemption and renewal.

51 poems in the tradition of the Psalms.

‘Incredibly beautiful, marvellous, so accurate and unexpected, and at the same time simple.
Deeply impressive.’
~ John Berger

‘Jeremy Clarke’s poems are made up of the most commonplace – literally, everyday – ingredients: light and dark, sun, wind and rain, streetlamps, pavements, buses…  But nothing is ordinary in his world, and there is nothing ordinary about his writing.  Again and again he makes us look at it with his own rapt gaze through the precision of his observation and language.’
~ Matthew Francis

‘Reading Jeremy Clarke is like watching something emerge out of the consciousness of the street.
The language too feels its way along: precise, tenderly inventive… It is, in effect, a religious process… a kind of liturgy for the permanent in the fleeting.’
~ George Szirtes

‘These are beautiful pages, treasures.’
~ Emily Young